More divisiveness from (take your pick).

20 Oct

I am not sure it is worth commenting on this type of politics, but it appears to be the norm these days to pit one group against another, one business against groups of Americans or to simply throw around inflammatory accusations or take a more direct route and simply lie. I have been trying to figure what happened in the last two years and I think I have it. It’s the way generation x was raised by the boomers.

Rein in the excesses of the health insurance industry to protect Hispanic Americans,”

 and I thought insurance companies were screwing all Americans on a non-discriminatory basis. Hispanic Americans should be insulted by this blatant pandering for their vote.  I am beginning to wonder how intelligent the American voter really is.  African-Americans support African-American politicians even if they are crooks or violate ethics codes, white Americans support politicians who stand up and lie to their face about military service and forget entirely about moral values, they seem to be of no consequence whatsoever.

And we are worried about a financial meltdown in the U.S., we should be so lucky to have that as our biggest problem.


October 14, 2010 | View online
What Health Reform Repeal Means for Hispanics
By Lesley Russell
The enactment of the Affordable Care Act provides a unique opportunity to address the health care disparities that communities of color experience in the United States. The House Republicans’ “Pledge to America” plans to repeal health care reform and replace it with a grab bag of isolated measures that mostly benefit those who already have health care coverage.

The Republican “Pledge to America” will not:

Improve access to health insurance coverage for Hispanic Americans

Rein in the excesses of the health insurance industry to protect Hispanic Americans

Improve access to a primary care provider and usual source of care for Hispanic Americans

Provide better preventive health services for Hispanic Americans

Improve the lower health quality and health care disparities communities of color experience

Read and download the full memo here.

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