Reporting value of employer-provided health benefits on W-2 effective January 2012 … Is taxation of health benefits far behind?

Starting in 2012 employers will be required to report the  cost of employer-provided health care benefits in box 12 of your form W-2.  The amount will use code “DD”.

The amount shown on the W-2 is for information purposes and is not taxable . .  . for now.  However, do not lose site of the fact that the tax-free status of health benefits is the single largest revenue loser for the federal government.  The Simpson-Bowles Commission recommended a gradual phase out of this tax break.

Employer Provided Health Care Insurance: Exclusion capped at 75th percentile of premium levels in 2014, with cap frozen in nominal terms through 2018 and phased out by 2038; Excise tax (on high cost plans) reduced to 12%.

Given the failure of the super committee of Congress to accomplish anything, this employee tax benefit is a prime target for dealing with the federal deficit.  A change is unlikely to come all at once and it may be income sensitive, but it is hard to see how this plum will be left on the tree for much longer.

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  1. Well I am safe, Honeywell, after 43 years of service, dropped Health Care for retirees on Medicare so don’t have to worry about it showing on my W-2.


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