Saving on your auto insurance

22 May

I was hoping to lower my car insurance premium so I first switched to Gecko to save $350, then I switched to Regressive to save $325, then to Somestate for another $452.  That wasn’t good enough so I moved on to State Ranch for the promise of another $330 in savings.  After all my hard work I now receive an ad in the mail from AAPR showing me that if I switched again more savings were available from its insurance plan underwritten by The Buttford.

If I can go from A to B to C to D to E and back again and save about the same from each move, aren’t they all charging the same amount?  Or better still, if all this is true why is anyone insured with other than Gecko, Regressive, Somestate, State Ranch or AAPR?

I think what we really need is a high deductible auto insurance plan with an auto savings account.  I have to go, time to watch another commercial.


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