Is President Obama the Wizard of Oz and what is behind the curtain?

17 Apr

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I enjoy reading some editorials these days, letters to the editor and blog comments in left leaning publications. All of the sudden there is a growing “disappointment” in President Obama. Of course that disappointment is mostly about his not fighting the Republican budget cuts and tax policies more aggressively. Occasionally, you hear about a lack of leadership and on rare occasions some dissatisfaction with foreign policy.

I am not surprised all that much, but I have never been able to put my finger on what it is about this President that is so disturbing. Of course I must admit I do not agree with his policies or philosophy of government but it is more than that.

Spend now, worry later, deficit be gone!

Then it dawned on me, “Oz” the powerful Wizard of Oz. To the public the Wizard was all-powerful and able to even grant wishes. But behind the curtain was an average person with no power to wield.

Eloquence and an oratory gift do not guarantee substance or leadership. And behind this curtain is not just an average guy, but a cadre of people with an apparent idealized political view of America and a distorted view of fiscal and individual responsibility with a government solution for every problem.

In short, there is a lack of substance in our President. He looks good, sounds good, hits all the right buttons for people, makes great promises and then …

Over two years into this administration its supporters still blame Bush for the Federal debt, ignoring the fact Democrats controlled Congress since 2007, which includes the last two years of the Bush presidency and ignoring all the new debt accumulated since. Hey, Bush was no Lincoln, and he is responsible for a large portion of the current debt, but at least you knew clearly why you liked or hated him and his policies. Today you can’t be certain there are any cohesive policies beyond tax the “wealthy.”

The party currently in power likes to claim it has a heart but perhaps we need more brains and courage. Investing in the future is fine, but I’d like to be sure we have a future that is as good as America’s past.

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