The Presidents budget speech, here’s what to look for

13 Apr

Listen closely to the President this afternoon. If you want to know if he is serious about dealing with the budget and deficit he will tell you significant changes are needed to entitlements including Medicare and Social Security and he will not use scare tactics to rile up existing seniors who are not affected even under the Ryan plan.

He will not use the economy today as an excuse for not taking bold action now. He will not pit segments of our society against one another-we are all in this together.

He will not assure people we can have it all without sacrifice. We have a big mess created over several years, it won’t just work itself out.

If he is serious he will ask for support for the hard choices necessary for the good of our children and grandchildren.

Finally, if he is serious he will talk about taxes in a broad context, not only related to the “wealthy.” The wealthy alone can’t pull us out of trillions in debt or irresponsible spending. Keep in mind that those earning $250,000 or more are only about 2% of the population and today 42% of Americans pay no income tax.

If you hear the same old political election coming up pandering to segments of the American population, you will know we are in for a real bumpy ride.

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