No profit‼️

Does it mean M4A will eliminate all for-profit providers of health care, require all doctors to be employees of the government or the takeover of all pharmacy companies? NOPE … at least I don’t think so.

Rather, this is more misleading rhetoric implying that health insurance is the problem with health care and that if we just turn over all claim payment processes and risk to government all will be well.

The for-profit aspect of insurance is an insignificant portion of insurance premiums and premiums are a reflection of what and how we spend money on health care … the real crushing weight.

If you disagree, consider that out of all 320,000,000 +- Americans only 116,910,400 are insured for health care. The remaining 203,089,600 are uninsured, covered by an employer self-insured plan or a government program such as Medicare or Medicaid, etc.


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