Happy New Year

Thank you for a great year at Quinnscommentary.

I appreciate all your comments as do other readers. I hope I have provided thought provoking information and ideas even if you disagree with my point of view.

Hope you like our new look for the new decade.

If you would like to see more “stimulating” discussion follow me on Twitter and see me get beaten up. @quinnscomments

I hope you will also follow HumbleDollar.com, a financial blog containing the perspectives of scores of different writers with expertise and experience, including yours truly.


  1. Richard, I began reading your articles on Humble Dollar a couple of years ago. I find your style of writing entertaining and enjoyable. I began my personal journey into retirement planning a decade ago when the realization came that no one would do it for me ( at least the financiale part). I have the advantage that many others don’t, that is a salary that allowed financial freedom in a decade. You’re views on frugality and consistent savings were the same ones my parents raised me with. We vacationed with automobiles and motels. Brown bag lunches, mended clothing were a way of life. Now deep into adulthood I find myself with several of the same traits. keep up the good work.


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