Those “free” flu shots

Those of us on Medicare get free flu shots. The Affordable Care Act requires all federally recommended vaccines to be provided at no charge to patients, including flu immunizations.

Hey, something for free‼️

But do most people understand the cost of those immunizations goes into the premiums they pay? The cost varies greatly. One study recorded prices ranging from $28.00 to $80.00 for a flu shot. Depending in where you obtain the flu shot, the cost your insurance pays varies.

But it ain’t free.

Source: Prices of common services – Peterson-Kaiser Health System Tracker


  1. Another thing about “free”. About 5 years ago, before the ACA was in full affect and being not on medicare, our county health department offered “free” flu shots at the ambulance building a few blocks from our house. It was actually setup as a drive thru clinic. Just prove that you are a county resident and get your “free” flu shot. Never get out of the car. My wife drives thru and gets her shot. We get a bill in the mail because our HMO didn’t pay the bill because we didn’t go through our doctor or an approved provider. I asked my wife how they got the insurance information?

    Tip: If they ask for your insurance card, then it is not “free”. If they write down your address to “prove that you are a county resident, then it is not “free”.


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