You’re on Your Own – Why you can’t count on any employers “promises” negotiated or not. 😢

You’re on Your Own

Richard Quinn  |  November 15, 2019

A WRITER RECENTLY asked my opinion of gig economy jobs and how they could benefit retirees looking for extra income. I looked up the term to be sure my understanding was correct. It was—except we used to call the jobs “temporaries,” “part-time,” “project work” or “consulting.” As I told the writer, a gig economy job sounds pretty good for us retirees who want to keep active or supplement our income, especially if it doesn’t involve being a crossing guard. But I’m not sure the whole gig thing is great for younger workers.

I realize I’m a dinosaur when it comes to the workplace and my work experience has long been buried beneath the remains of the last Ice Age. Still, right or wrong, society must come to grips with the employment changes it’s wrought.

Gig work has helped sever the old relationship between employer and worker. Gigs provide flexibility, but they also place far greater responsibility on the individual. Gig economy workers need constantly to find new work, while also planning and taking action to safeguard their financial future, including retirement.

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Source: You’re on Your Own – HumbleDollar

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