Those terrible profiteers

Let’s get a better frame of reference on those for-profit health care facilities.

The rhetoric may influence your thinking about profits and health care costs, but when it comes to hospitals … well, take a look. Only about 20% of hospitals are for profit.



  1. Question…why do separation of church and state supporters approve of their Medicare/Medicaid tax dollars being used at religious hospitals ??


  2. “Nonprofit” in healthcare is like public colleges, in that they finds ways of spending the “profit” either in wages or buildings instead of being cost effective or returning the profit to shareholders. I am not against hospitals making a profit to cover costs and improve things, but let’s stop BS-ing ourselves.

    The only hospital in Salem County, NJ was a community hospital propped up by the county government. It started costing the taxpayers too much so they sold it to a for profit company. They couldn’t make it work so they sold it. The new company could not make it work and was going to close it. The hospital was sold to a non-profit again this year. I am sure sooner or later it will be propped up again by the government just so the county residents will access to a hospital.

    Inspira, a “nonprofit” hospital chain has bought up half the doctor practices, an ambulance service, run the paramedics in 3 counties, numerous other rehab facilities, and built two new hospitals making it almost a monopoly in Gloucester and Cumberland counties. I get the economy of scale but where did they get their money since they do not have investors and don’t make a profit?

    I don’t believe that the greed of of hospital administrators wanting their name on a new building is running up the healthcare cost. I believe that charity care and just the way a hospital has required costly procedures to prevent malpractice such as individual pill tracking has a great impact on hospital costs that urgent care centers do not have making the centers more profitable than hospitals.


  3. I work in a public owned hospital that has a remarkable 7-10% profit margin over the last 25 years. We ordinarily finish the year $14 million ahead. Instead of paying stockholders (capital is permanently lost when you pay the money) we make certain our employees pension is fully funded, give a small employee bonus, fund a very effective outpatient clinic for substance abuse disorder, a multiple sclerosis clinic, and subsidize a network of physicians to ensure access to all in our service area. We also invest in the best new technologies appropriate to a community hospital. How does this match up with for profit hospitals?

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  4. Not For profits just as bad. They are also feeding at the trough. Just look at how much their management makes and what they pay the slave labor from Haiti

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