Don’t be a victim you create

The above is a Facebook comment regarding high property taxes in NJ

Focus on “elderly people.”

We readily equate elderly, senior citizen, retiree with “poor” living on a fixed income. In fact, as you can see above that is a generally accepted assumption. If you are old, you are poor and just think about how many discounts those of us in the elderly category automatically receive.

By the way, exactly what is elderly anyway?

Okay, look at the data and you will see many seniors at the low end of the income spectrum, many depending on Social Security.

At the same time many are not, many are doing quite well. The poor elderly were poor or low income before they became elderly. But the data don’t tell the full story either. There are many seniors statistically low income whose income meets their needs sometimes because of various assistance programs. Sometimes because they are comfortable living a modest life.

What about the rest? Most have no excuse being part of the assumed in need elderly or living a fixed income for that matter.

If you are lucky, retirement is coming. That’s a given, it doesn’t sneak up, it’s not a revelation upon attaining age 60.

Most people will have to give up some current wants and desires to save for retirement. You decide what they may be, but decide you must.

The vast majority of current working Americans have the ability to build retirement assets, to construct income streams, to leverage tax benefits and in many cases employer contributions.

And that’s the truth!


  1. Q, your message is a profound insult to the vast majority of Americans who choose political office, who are successful because they identify as many groups as possible to help by giving them money taken from other groups they don’t identify.


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