Isn’t it curious

It’s not hard to find stories about the hardship caused by health care expenses. The horror stories abound … except when it comes to Medicare. I find that curious.

Medicare has no out-of-pocket limit. While the Part B deductible is modest, if you are living mostly or entirely on Social Security, no deductible or out of pocket cost is modest. Then there is Part A with a significant deductible and coinsurance possible.

Part D is another factor. So, the cost for health care for retirees is significant, But what about Medigap coverage? True it can remove many out-of-pocket costs, but 23% of beneficiaries ( it can cost a couple $400 a month in premium +-) do not have that additional coverage and thus are exposed to high costs.

So, isn’t it curious that we don’t here more horror stories about those with Medicare?


  1. About 45 – 50 mm in Medicare, the other 280 mm not.

    People moan about copays. My experience is that most Americans want the best coverage YOUR money will buy. Medicare folks likely more appreciative of coverage and costs


  2. I am several years away from Medicare, so I am not tuned into such things. Judging from the open enrollment TV commercials that scare you into buying your part B & D insurance because things are not covered, you would think that it is a big problem. Or is it because everybody and mostly providers understand what the program will and will not pay for that there are less surprise billings and I assume no balance billing surprises either since you are almost always in network. I would think that if it was a problem that the AARP would be screaming.


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