You don’t really care about health care costs

I bet you can’t tell me how much is taken from your pay to help fund Social Security and Medicare. I bet you can’t tell me the dollar amount of any payroll deductions for health insurance. You may not even know the deduction from your Social Security check for Medicare premiums. And unless you had a claim recently, you can’t tell me your annual deductible either.

I’m sure you don’t care what the United States spends on health care ($3.8 trillion FYI) or that it spends far more than other countries.

You probably do care about your prescription co-pay, and your out-of-pocket costs (if you spend money on health care), that is until you reach your out-of-pocket limit and then you don’t care anymore. And if you pay your own insurance you care about the premiums each month (but you likely don’t get the connection between those premiums and what health care others are using).

Politicians are betting on all the above. They know they can make grand promises for free health, dental, vision, LTC, etc. and that you won’t ask how much it costs or how it will be paid for or how costs will be managed in the ensuing years.

Once your health care costs are buried in taxes, you won’t care, you won’t notice, health care will be free. But when those growing costs keep increasing and the rhetoric shifts to controlling them, you will start to care about the impact on you and your family, but by then it’s all in the hands of the people you elected to Congress.

And that’s the way it is. 😷


  1. I wish you were wrong Q. I hope though, somehow, Americans are not going the way of Medicare for all.

    I’m not sure where this fits in, but I don’t think many know how much they pay per unit of electricity or gas, or how they are measured.

    What I am hoping is, that the fact that many if not most Americans really do not know much about their own living costs, will not translate into their thinking they can get a.major item like health care for less or for free from the Government.

    But if I were to bet on the wisdom of the electorate, I would require very long odds.


    1. It’s like having an EZ pass. You whiz through tolls and it all appears free. I never even notice when it’s charged to my credit card each month.


  2. Why the hell would anyone want the government to run healthcare? I wish people would realize the billions of dollars the government wastes in the management of the VA, DoD, FDA, FAA, FBI, CIA, NSA, ect. Do they think healthcare management by the government will be any different, or cheaper for the average taxpayer. Single payer healthcare = more government control, less services. Sign me up, NOT!


    1. The management and care of vets by the VA should be a warning for M4A. In some places they have let the protective sector provide care. That tells you a lot.


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