I find this so sad

How did we as a society get to the point where our infants and children must be placed in a facility while the parents work? How do we conclude that preschool is a necessity to allow our children to achieve in kindergarten and beyond?

Generations of children were cared for all day by the parent, mostly Mom and then went off to kindergarten and did just fine, no more, we are trapped.

Now we seek the federal government to pay for taking care of our children, okay other taxpayers to be accurate.

First we convinced women that just being a mom was not good enough, a career was the thing to have. After we did that, two income families drove up demand for houses and more and today two working parents is a necessity for most families or if not a necessity, a priority so that the acquisition of stuff that makes up the good life can be had … or charged.

And when day care under the guise of pre-school became the in thing, we did indeed advance the timing of education. So, yes, if there is no pre-school a child may play catch-up in kindergarten. We have trapped ourselves once again.

So, Mom and Dad, or many times a single parent, [see below] are off to work while paying thousands of dollars to leave their child in a facility to be cared for by others. In exchange we are on a quest for “quality time” with our children, often involving spending more money.

Our choices, or those made for us by society, and in some cases the quest for more and better stuff to keep up with the neighbors, has lead us to the point where we seek government to help raise our children.

I truly do find that so sad. 😢

Single parents (80% women)

According to Custodial Mothers and Fathers and Their Child Support: 2015, a report released by the U.S. Census Bureau every two years, there are approximately 13.7 million single parents in the United States today, and those parents are responsible for raising 22.4 million children. This number represents approximately 27 percent of children under 21 in the U.S. today.

  • 40.6 percent are currently divorced or separated
  • 42.6 percent have never been married


  1. I compare our society to basic matter. One that is made up of long chain molecules, and another that is made up of singular individual atoms. Yes, we have arrived at the atomic age.


  2. Sweden did a study of pre kindergarten students and they found out that by the second grade the kindergarten students had caught up to the pre kindergarten students in testing. It is child care and union jobs only. If you can’t see that we are in trouble.


    1. 3 year olds now diagnosed with special needs qualify for special education programs and busing…more taxpayers money is now needed to expand existing programs.


      1. RD, you are spot on. But you did get one thing wrong the taxpayers are not paying for the new programs that the Ds want, DEBT, DEBT, and more DEBT is paying for it. Look at the CRAZY spending bill that the Congress passed and the President signed into law this week. You and I will be taking the dirt nap long before any of the DEBT is paid off. I feel very sorry for my kids, grandkids and great grandkids, the tax rates coming are going to make everyone poorer, no matter how much FREE STUFF is provided by the government.

        I remember when most of my friends moms were at home when we got out of school. My mom worked at a local Weiser Lock factory 2 blocks away, but was home at 4 pm. Now the company factory is in Mexico.
        I remember a program on debt and the couple on the show were deep in debt. The expert told the couple to have the wife quit her $35 K per year job because they would save money. How you ask? No child care, no second car payment, fuel or repair costs, lower auto insurance, no work clothes expense. My wife never worked outside the home, we raised 4 children from 1978 to 2006 and all are productive adults, who know the value of saving / not spending on stuff that adds no real value to your life. Average income $15,000 per year with a high of just $26,000 in 1995. I have not had a car payment since 1986. I am very glad I had a father who taught me to work on my own cars. My son and I just completed an A/C repair on my 2006 VW Jetta, parts cost me $366, saving me $1,326 over what a shop wanted to complete the job.


  3. Thank you very much for the comments. More stuff equals happiness and success we are told so get your kids more advanced for even better jobs for even more stuff and so on.

    There are exceptions though. Parents with one income and not even a high income. Owning a house but not a fancy one. Paid for cars in the driveway but higher mileage. Kids at home – perhaps even through high school via home schooling. Families that are close knit value time together, build friendships, worship together, work hard, volunteer and go against the flow of most of what America is trying to sell us.

    Paddling up stream.


  4. To add to the sadness is that at least in NJ you must have a degree to “teach” preschool now.

    In the 1980’s, my wife work for just above minimum wage at a preschool and got a big discount for our son. She was in charge of the 2 year olds. It was a win-win because she earned some money and was in the same building as was our son. If it was not for the tuition discount she got for working there, she would have owed tuition money. At the time paying for child care didn’t make economic sense to me unless you were a doctor, lawyer, or on welfare with the state paying the tuition.

    30 years later, my daughter-in-law, with a master degree in special education can work at a private preschool for $10 / hr and no benefits. She opted to stay home and raise her children.

    In my public school district’s pre-K program they pay union seniority rates with benefits to baby sit. Teachers start at $49K in the district. Some of the teachers retire in place there at about $79K. Then there are the overpaid administrators. (Look it up, public school teachers salaries are online). I can’t see more than a 40 hr certificate program to teach child abuse laws, acceptable discipline, how to have play time, how to count numbers as the only thing need to do what parents have done since the beginning of time.

    I guess they needed a market for all those degrees and in the meantime, people can’t pay back their student loans and cannot afford childcare. It is a lose-lose situation.


    1. I forgot to mention that the debate is still up in the air if early childhood education has any benefits. It appear that it helps the poor kids get to a stable environment sooner but there is no long term effects beyond 3rd grade is some studies. Apparently there is very little in studies on this since it has been the politicians that are the ones pushing this to help the poor with daycare. They played the emotion card that it is for the children and opened it up to all to get it through. NJ has found that even taking over school districts and throwing million of educational dollars at them, that they could not improve the school districts since the problems are rooted in economic and social backgrounds.


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