2020 Medicare premiums

The projected Medicare standard Part B premium is currently projected to increase to $144.30 in 2020, about a $9.00 increase which will consume roughly a third of projected 2020 COLA for the average beneficiary.


Income related premiums projected to increase between about $20-$30 based on income level.


  1. What is the projected increase for SS COLA 2020 ? I guess I missed that in your previous emails. That raises Medicare to over $1700 a year, plus co-pays for Specialists, plus med co-pays, plus OTC meds docs RX. I don’t consider that to be a fair deal for retired folks. It seems as though we never can get ahead of the increases. They just raised it 2 years ago and now another increase. Surely there has to be some way to lower costs for some of the things Medicare is providing. A lot of the newer drugs aren’t on our HMO/PPO formularies so we are stuck with not the most up-to-date drugs unless we pay a tremendous co-pay, for the newer drugs are on a high tier, so we are not getting the best meds that are available even though we pay that much for premiums. Thanks for bringing the Medicare increase to our attention.


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