Missing the Point – HumbleDollar

IN EARLY MAY, I wrote about 16 ways that people waste money on everything from tattoos to shoes to children’s toys. That blog was subsequently posted on MarketWatch, where it collected almost 800 comments, most positive, but many not so much. I was called out of touch, accused of having an entitlement mentality, talking down to people, privileged and more.

I had clearly touched a nerve. Some commenters went into great detail about how difficult their lives were and how there was no money to waste. Others said they worked hard and deserved a vacation. I never said not to take a vacation, just not to go into debt while doing so. Is that unreasonable? One woman took me to task, claiming her children deserved toys. I had noted that U.S. parents, on average, spend $6,500 on toys during a child’s upbringing. Doesn’t that seem even a little excessive?

Source: Missing the Point – HumbleDollar


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