Rewriting the Rules – HumbleDollar

Will any of the new rules affect you? Take a look at this article for more information.

WHEN POLITICAL parties set aside partisan bickering and agree on an issue, it’s worth taking note. Such was the case last week when the House of Representatives voted 417–3 in favor of a bill known as the SECURE Act.

This legislation would represent the most significant set of changes to retirement rules in more than a decade. Why the sudden bipartisan cooperation?

For better or worse, both parties recognize that a growing number of Americans face a retirement crisis. According to Boston College’s Center for Retirement Research, fully half of households are “at risk” when it comes to retirement readiness.

The new legislation includes more than a dozen changes, big and small. Below are three provisions that I see as most significant, along with the steps I’d consider if they became law:

Source: Rewriting the Rules – HumbleDollar

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