Why thinking like Sen Sanders is so scary

Consider this recent Tweet from the Senator:

His and many other Americans view of the world is doom and gloom, hardship beyond coping with, lost opportunity, obstacles impossible to be overcome. Sen Sanders is old enough to know better, to know more about recent history and how Americans have coped in the past.

The above Tweet says a lot about the socialist view of the world. Ignore the real problem and solve for the symptoms by throwing collective tax money at them while creating additional dependence on government. Why aren’t we addressing why education costs what it does and has grown as at the rate it has? The same goes for health care. How many Americans who want a job and have prepared themselves for one can’t find a job?

Let’s talk about increasing costs. Look at the above figures and then consider that if you had $1.00 in 1970, you would need $2.12 to buy the same thing in 1980. Between 1980 and 1990 you would need $1.56 for each 1980 dollar, but between 2000 and 2010 you would need only $0.27 more.

I bought my first house in 1971, the interest rate was 9-1/2%. I bought another house in 1987 at 9-3/4%. In 2018 I bought a condo at 4-3/4% interest. Even today you can buy a home with only 5% down. In other words, things have been worse, much worse.

Those who claim they lost all their retirement savings during the recession and thus we need much higher Social Security benefits must (should) be kicking themselves in the wallet.

S&P 500 2008 to 2018


If Millennials or anyone else doesn’t have a fair shot at a decent standard of living, who the heck is spending the trillions of dollars on non-necessities? How is it that Millennials eat in restaurants more than any other generation or expect to spend $5,000 on a vacation?


  1. Comrade Bernie’s thinking doesn’t bother me, I understand that the old communist sympathizer has morphed into a new self described (democratic socialist) because he cant defend all the wonderful benefits of communism anymore. What I don’t understand is how the folks in Vermont keep re-electing this guy.Something in the water maybe! Can someone from the great state of Vermont enlighten us.

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  2. Missing from Bernie’s tweet: Taxes for the average American rose 24.5% between 2007-2017 (only comparison that I could easily find). Inflation rose 18.2% during that time. Somebody was spending more than the inflation cost of the status quo running the government.

    Things were definitely worse. I bought my first house with a 10% mortgage in 1987 because I was grateful that mortgage rates dropped from 14% (1983), my current house was purchased with a 4.25% mortgage in 2014 which was paid off in 15 months. My first car loan was at 18% (1982). My last car loan was at 4.9% (2012). You can still get 0.0% financing deals on some new cars and trucks today but you are paying for it the price so I would guess that is not a good deal.

    And since today is the 75th anniversary of D-Day, I think it is important to note that people today have the freedoms that they enjoy because a bunch of kids stormed the beaches, not whining about how bad they got it and demanding more free stuff from their government. Instead, these kids were happy to still be alive by night fall. After all that, they got up the next morning and got to work again instead of more whining.


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