Crying Poverty

Am I uncaring, out of touch? Am I too old to have a realistic view of Americans 21st century society? I admit that I have a hard time understanding how younger generations operate and set their priorities , but when it comes to money and it’s use or misuse, the facts are on my side. Americans are materialistic, live for today and overall spendthrifts.

I urge you to click on the link below and read my latest article on Let me know what you think. 

I HAVE BEEN accused of being too critical of America’s spending habits. I’m not in touch with families who live paycheck to paycheck, or so I’m told. I was roundly attacked by folks on Facebook, who claimed I lacked sympathy for the federal workers who ran out of money during the government shutdown—even before they missed a payday. We all know there are Americans who struggle to get by on very low incomes. But that’s the minority. Let’s talk about the great majority of households—those that spend money unnecessarily.

Source: Crying Poverty – HumbleDollar

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