2020 Social Security looking better as inflation rises

A good COLA is good news, but that means the not so good news of higher inflation.

If the April CPI-W of 249.332 were used in the COLA calculation, we would see 1.21% (rounded) COLA. But that is the high point of the year so far.

The average CPI-W for 2019 to date is 247.113 compared with the third quarter of 2018 at 246.352 which is the base used to calculate the final 2020 COLA.

While we have months to go, the trend is definitely up at this point.


  1. Very simple and necessary solution with the rise in Medicare is to have a mandatory minimum COLA of 2% with no restrictions to rise above 2%. VERY SIMPLE!


  2. Cui bono. Latin translation [to whom is it a benefit?]

    So who benefits from an increase in COLA. The COLA is designed to keep social security benefits at the same level of buying power from year to year when price inflation is active. If you are living from month to month on social security benefits, the increase in nominal COLA dollars caused by inflation keeps you in the same place that you were in the previous year, as far as buying power goes. You really haven’t benefited.

    If you are someone who has saved a nest egg to live on, your nest egg is being devalued in its entirety by the effects of COLA causing inflation. You certainly are not benefiting.

    So if nobody benefits, why all the cheering when a COLA is announced?


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