Typical spending on health care, Sen Sanders doesn’t understand or misleads. Most Americans will pay more in taxes any given year.

Under a M4A plan a small percentage of Americans will come out ahead financially in any given year. That is because for most people (as much as 95%) the guarantee they will pay higher taxes will exceed the risk of high health care costs, even their share of premiums. Fifty percent of the population spends only $276 in a year on health care.

The 2020 Democratic presidential candidate told the audience at a Fox News town hall in Pennsylvania that his planwould ultimately save most Americans money because it would eliminate premiums, deductibles and co-pays, which cost a typical family of four $28,000 a year. Source: https://www.wxyz.com/news/national/can-taxing-the-rich-pay-for-bernie-sanders-medicare-for-all-plan

More misleading information.

That $28,000 includes the average cost of health insurance paid by employers and employees, as well as deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses.

The typical employee does not pay 100% of the cost. According to Kaiser Health News, in 2018 on average, employers paid 82 percent of the single premium, employees paid the remaining 18 percent. Employers paid 71 percent for families and employees paid the remaining 29 percent.

In addition, many families go extended periods, years, without significant health care bills. In any given year health care spending is concentrated among relatively few people. Some managed care plans have no deductible and many workers have a deductible offset at least in part with a HRA or HSA.

In 2016, 5% of the population accounted for half of all health spending. The 5% of people who spend the most on health care spend an average of around $50,000 annually; people in the top 1% have average spending of over $109,750. At the other end of the spectrum, the 50% of the population with the lowest spending accounted for only 3% of all total health spending; the average spending for this group was $276. Source: https://www.healthsystemtracker.org/chart-collection/health-expenditures-vary-across-population/

So, what are the possible taxes to consider when comparing your current total spending? Fact is nobody knows. However, consider that today employers who provide health benefits spend an average of about 8% of payroll for coverage significantly less than proposed for M4A. Five years ago Vermont abandoned its road to universal coverage – again with much lower benefits than M4A – when an expert suggested funding would be 11% of payroll. Even if some of the taxes are paid by businesses, there will be an indirect cost in lost wages and/or higher prices.

You simply cannot cover the entire population, remove all direct cost sharing, expand benefits for dental, vision and long-term care and not spend more money. And, the real net savings from administrative costs and insurance company profits are far less than imagined.


  1. I wish someone with these facts and figures would speak on evening news programs to the country. The Socialists speak about it all the time promising everything for very little. Then those with little feel wow, look at all i’d get. Millenniums esp. must be told what this will entail. it seems they don’t want primary doctors. They would go to any Tom Dick and Harry who had an opening for some drug that they may not need just to get in and get out fast. Primaries know you. Know what not to give you. Know situations. Socialized meds will not be cheap and then by age may be distributed differently. too old. How are they going to cover nursing homes for millions of people free of charge with proper care or assisted livings. Do they know the cost of them?? 10,000 a year is cheap.


    1. People believe what they want to believe and listen to people that tell them what they want to hear. It’s sad but sometimes I read BBC.com news just to find out what is really happening in America and then I try to find either the left or the right news outlet that might have reported on a story not reported by the other.

      I know that I want free stuff too but I just realize that nothing in life is ever free and I don’t live my life expecting things for free.


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