We never know what to believe when it comes to health care because nobody knows or tells the truth

Take a look at the first screenshot, note the date and the link to a “new study.” Then look at the second screenshot which is where the link leads and notice the date. I don’t know about you, but a nine year old study doesn’t fit my criteria for new, but if you are trying to make a case for your point of view, I guess facts are secondary.

I don’t minimize the need for good health insurance, everyone should be covered, but that does not mean that modest spending such as an office visit and most prescriptions should not be at the top of the list in personal spending priorities and more often than not, that is not the case.

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  1. First I want to say is that yes 45,000 people should have access to healthcare. The screen shot does not say why they do not have healthcare. Is a small percentage a personal choice? But lack of healthcare did not kill them. I am sure it was mostly one of the top 10 diseases that killed them.

    A John Hopkins study in 2017 estimated that between 250K to 400K people die from medical errors or malpractice. So maybe having medical insurance is killing people too. Let’s ban health insurance.

    For a little prospective, of the following list what do you hear from the politicians on a daily basis and where would we get the most bang for the buck? (just a random list that I know to lookup)

    Any of the top 10 medical diseases
    Malpractice 250k to 400K (2017) * number 3 cause after heart disease and all cancers
    Opioid deaths 47,600 (2017) and rising rapidly
    suicides deaths 42,773 (2017)
    US automobile deaths 37,133 (2017)
    non-suicide gun deaths 14,623 (2018)

    What we hear is:
    Opiod problem is called homelessness in the big cities and we give out needles.
    Need free healthcare for all.
    Ban guns. Not cars or doctors, or more have mental health services / clinics.

    Yes this is an issue that is not easily solved, but we need to push for things that will save lives. Speed limit enforcement and seats belts use can save lives but it costs too much to enforce, and people don’t want it to be enforced against them enough though we know the fix.

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