Over Coffee – HumbleDollar

Personal decisions, financial literacy, planning? What do any of these have to do with retirement or financial security?

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But not today. Today, I was thinking about HumbleDollar stuff, so I say, “Have you guys”—actually they’re young women ages 21 and 25—”thought about saving for retirement?” One takes the muffin from her mouth, and the other stops her pour over, and they stare at me. “No,” is the coordinated response. “I’m still in college,” 21 says. “I have no money and six years of student loans,” adds 25. I’m thinking to myself, “Be nice, don’t ask 25 why she is a barista and not in a job that might allow her to chip away at those loans.” But as luck would have it, she gives me an opening. She says she has both a bachelor’s and master’s degree, hence the six years of loans.

Source: Over Coffee – HumbleDollar

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