Projected 2020 Medicare Part B premium, deductibles and more

The following table is from the just released Medicare Trustees Report


  1. .

    If there is no COLA in 2020… for those who are held harmless there will be no Medicare B premium increase next year.



  2. How much more money are they going to take from our Social Security? This is ridiculous..Its all twit Trump’s fault..he is the one going after all these much needed programs..people wake up..he is wrong for America..


    1. Has nothing to with Trump or any President. It has to do with the cost of health care people obtain and the taxes and premiums needed to pay for it. That premium is only 25% of the cost. In addition, the trust fund is running out of money because payroll taxes are inadequate.


    2. Funny, I can’t find any proof that Trump has done anything with Social Security which is a problem for the program’s solvency. Today (4-23-2019), CNN online reported about Social Security running out of money by 2035 and that Trump’s last word on Social Security was that “he wouldn’t touch Social Security. He didn’t believe he’d need to since his plan to boost economic growth to at least 4% would take care of Social Security’s long-term solvency.during the 2016 campaign.” So he too has ignored Social Security for at least his entire presidency, just like Obama, Bush, Clinton, and Bush. Reagan was the last president to touch Social Security in 1983 after years of trying.

      How is it Trump’s fault? I blame AARP for not allowing a fix since all they want is more.


      1. Trump has done nothing. Congress has not acted upon the urging of the trustees for a decade. The system is in fiscal trouble and getting worse and all we get is lies. Look at tomorrow’s post.


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