Why do we allow the state of politics to continue?

If the Democrats are the party of wild ideas and intrusive government from birth to death, Republicans are reduced to obstructionists with no viable ideas and the party of just say no.

The battle of words, insults, lies and misinformation on both sides assures we are going nowhere fast.

We have not seriously addressed let alone solved one serious problem in years. All we do is throw mud, introduce legislation and let it fall by the wayside so more mud can be thrown.

And we are so ensconced in our own extremes we seem happy to allow it to continue and just blame the other guy.

Talk about shooting ones self in the foot.


  1. Why do we allow the state of politics to continue? Because each of our representatives are doing a great job and buying votes so we re-elect them year after year. It is the other district’s and / or party’s representatives that will not compromise and think like me.

    I feel the reason that Trump got elected and why he will win again if the democrats don’t get their act together is that the few loud and vocal democrats are so extreme that people felt that Trump was a better choice. My question is how bad were the the people who were unseated in AOC’s and Ilhan Omar’s district for them be seen as reasonable enough to win?


  2. Well, they know we are not paying attention, so they continue. We could be marching in the streets, but we are not.


  3. You are right. Both major parties are more interested in making sure the other party gets no credit for doing anything positive.


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