Get the Point – HumbleDollar

I’M A DEADBEAT. That’s what companies call people who pay off their credit cards in full every month and hence don’t incur interest. But I’m more than that. I’m a leverager. I leverage points and stars and credits everywhere I go.Let me count the ways.

When I go to the gas station, I use my American Express card and my Exxon rewards card. I get credits from Exxon for buying the gas, which I apply to future gas purchases, plus I get triple points on my Amex card for the gas purchase, which I then use to pay my Amex bill.

My Starbucks membership earns me stars for my next latte and lots of other stuff, too. It also garners me free coffee on my birthday. What a deal. Back in February, I used stars to buy a package of sopressata and cheese to add to my Super Bowl sandwich…

Read my full story here. Source: Get the Point – HumbleDollar

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