Health care cost and access can’t be dealt with by Republicans. They just don’t have a clue.

How many years have we been waiting?

Competition, flexibility, choice, and all the rest are nonsense and don’t address universal coverage or recognize human nature in the process of receiving and paying for health care.


  1. Until the public perception of healthcare changes, I do not think that the problem will be solved by either party until there is a complete collapse of the healthcare system. The public perception for treatments, and this it is backed by television ads, is that this one hospital is the best place to go and can cure your ailment. The drug company ads are that they have the miracle drug that you need. The politicians buying votes tell you that healthcare is a right, like it is somewhere in the US Constitution or something and it should be free. Lawyer’s ads tell you that all illness is somebody else’s fault. It is never your lifestyle choices or heredity. The term insurance has lost its meaning as it relates to healthcare from protection from great financial harm and has changed to just the administrator who pays your bills. Cutting reimbursements will only drive companies and medical professionals from the field. A doctor cannot pay back their students’ loans on a social workers salary.

    America has an example of free medical care in the form of VA hospitals. This free medical talk should stop until the government figures out how to deliver VA healthcare.


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