A new economic model to evaluate Medicare for All

It’s called common sense and fifty years experience working with employees and their health benefits and working with doctors and health plans.

M4A as proposed by Sen Sanders and Rep. Jayapal significantly increases the covered benefits for all Americans, including those with good employer coverage. It also raises benefits for seniors, the most expensive group today.

In addition, it removes all forms of point of service cost sharing while opening access to millions of individuals without coverage today. And, based on the rhetoric, there will be no interference by a third party to access or type of care.

It also creates a massive new federal bureaucracy out of necessity. The savings are assumed from two major areas; paying lower fees to health care providers including for prescriptions and lower administrative costs.

Put it all together and costs may be spread differently across all Americans, but they cannot possibly be lower in total and they can’t be controlled in future years without significant consequences which are currently ignored by proponents and supporters.

It’s common sense.

No other country has such a system and every other country with a universal system applies controls of different types and still struggles with costs.

One comment

  1. I don’t think the Medicare for All plan is going anywhere within the foreseeable future. Too many citizens remember President Obama’s incessant phrase, ” if you like your doctor… ” . In addition the majority of voters, at least for now, have health insurance through their employer.

    This may change of course if a deep recession occurs and the ranks of the unemployed skyrocket. Ten years from now? Bernie may be enjoying his eternal reward and Alexandria O-C may have had time to grow up. In any case, progressivism will likely never die, just fade slightly.

    Which is kind of ironic, you would think with as big a heart as progressivism claims to have , it would be easier to locate it (with wooden stake in hand).


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