Not my responsibility

If I accumulate $10,000 in credit card debt, I can hire a firm to have most of that forgiven. A secret I’m told the credit card companies don’t want me to know.

If I don’t pay my taxes for a few years and accumulate a debt of $100,000 I can hire a company to negotiate my debt to $135.

If I’m eighteen I can choose any college I want, take any courses I want and take as long as I want to graduate… if ever and apply to have my loans forgiven.

If I incur health care bills, no amount is affordable because those bills are always low priority behind spending my money on anything else.

If I live above my means and can’t pay a bill of $400, I deserve your sympathy, it’s just unfair, the system is rigged.

Is this what America has become? Our priority seems to be accepting of not rewarding irresponsible behavior.

One comment

  1. If you believe in this stuff, there are potential Democratic presidential candidates for 2020 who promise to fulfill your dreams if only you will vote for them.


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