Affordable health care?

There is affordable health care and then there is affordable health care. I don’t need to add comments to this. The irony of the facts should be apparent. Money to spend on Fido, but the people Rx co-pay or deductible is a financial crisis.

“By one estimate, owners spend $9,000 to more than $13,000 for medical treatments over their pets’ lifetimes.” Oct 12, 2018 NYT

“On average, dog owners spend $1,285 a year on their pet, while cat owners spend $915 a year. One of the shocking highlights from the survey was that Millennials expect to spend more money on their dogs over the course of the pet’s lifetime than they do on their own lifetime health care costs.” May 22, 2018 USA Today

Within the last week I have been aware of a family who spent $10,000 on a dog that died. Another woman just told me she spent $7,000 on her ten year old dog’s broken leg and now spends $100 a month on medication.


  1. We spent a lot of money on Rosie the beagle prior to her passing.

    However, let’s get back to the real issue. Congress worried about affordability of say health care and decides your premium should not exceed 10% of your income (where did that come from)?
    Then say, Congress decides that your college loan payments should not exceed 15% of some gimmicked up number (where did that come from). Next is a home purchase/rent, a car, food, clothing, etc. Where Congress decides you shouldn’t have to pay more, that other taxpayers should subsidize your purchases and needs – free-up money for really important stuff in your life.

    The fact is that Congress has effectively encouraged this thinking, that you should be able to depend on Congress to tax others to provide you entitlements … and are we at all surprised that people believe that when they pay their taxes, income FICA, FICA-Med, (and where they are exempted by Congress from paying income taxes because their income is “too low”), that they believe it qualifies them for the federal largess that only Congress can provide.

    Ask any senior if they believe they paid for their Social Security and Medicare benefits… you will hear them respond yes, I paid what they required. To ask me to pay more now would be “unfair”. I relied on these programs.

    Until we stop letting Congress buy votes, especially buying votes by taxing people who don’t vote or those as yet unborn, this won’t end. Yes, people don’t have their financial priorities straight, but, we are only following our “leaders” lead in Congress.


  2. A tenured professor of bioethics at Princeton University, Peter Singer, approves of infanticide of a newly born if it is disabled. At the same time, he is a strong “animal rights” activist.

    As the intrinsic value of human beings decreases, the value of animals seems to increase.

    The memberships of NARAL and PETA have much in common.

    Is Medicare for all, including your pets, next?


    1. Vets now seem to guilt you into expensive tests and treatments. PETA has made a 50 yr-old world class collie breeder life’s a living hell near me. Anti-hunting groups are trying to get animals the same rights as humans. When my current dog dies it will be a long time before I get another dog. I am not sure that I’ll be able to take of him as the standards have changed. Animals are getting more attention than at risk intercity kids. I would not be surprised if these groups do not try to get the government to pay for animal healthcare.

      I am not willing to spend money on $10k on my 12 year old dog for cancer treatments. When the time comes and if I am in my 80s, and if I have my way, I am not spending money on cancer treatments for me either. It is a personal choice, life is terminal. No male in my family has lived past 80. The mentality the you must do everything to live forever no matter what the costs has to change. I do not think that the government should decide for you when to stop trying to cheat death. But since Medicare is basically a blank check, doctors will try everything even though they know that the percentage of success is limited. Society and people demand that they try everything to cheat death and this just adds to the cost of healthcare. For those who want to try, you should be able to try to cheat death. I just want the true facts and probabilities of my treatment options. In the case of my father, a heart valve replacement at age 78 gave him 3 months and only one outside of a hospital. But Medicare was paying so why not?


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