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45 Steps to Success – HumbleDollar

I take no credit for this list, but I sure agree with it. Take a look at all 45 items and see what you think … and show it to your teenage and young adult kids too.

WHAT DOES a good financial life look like? Here’s a quixotic roadmap—comprised of 45 steps:

Stuff part of your babysitting or lawn mowing money in a Roth IRA Suggest to your parents that they should encourage this sort of behavior—by subsidizing your contributions.

Get a credit card when you head off to college, charge $5 every month and always pay off the balance in full and on time. You’ll soon have an impressive credit score

Spend two years—but not much money—at community college, before transferring your credits to the college you want to graduate

Source: 45 Steps to Success – HumbleDollar


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