At this point the CPI-W indicates no Social Security COLA for 2020…but


  1. Social Security is 100% our money. No one was supposed to steal money out of the fund. Congress has done that many times including John Kerry’s idea to set up and fund the entire Peace Corp. with our money. as my mgr. used to say and I’m paraphrasing it; WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH SENIORS IN RETIREMENT???. That money was to be used for the current generations and invested wisely left overs for the next generation. We know that in 2016 Lance and a bunch from the HOUSE got together and nixed the taking more out of our funds.
    This is on record. It has been done since 1965. Now they don’t want to hand out Colas?
    that should be a yearly thing. Normally, what they might give is taken away at the same time by what they move Medicare up to. So they get it right back. Do any of us TRUST our government any more? from what I hear; NOT MANY. I think the congressional pension fund should be converted to Social Security as repayment for all they stole. Term Limits must be set up.
    they keep the benefits from where they came, they return to them when they leave. They continue paying Into the SS fund while in office. Watch how things change for the better when they know they have to return and live by the same rules they passed.


    1. NOBODY STOLE ANY MONEY NOBODY. IT HAS BEEN FUNDED THE SAME WAY since 1936. If the money had not been invested in Treasury bonds you would not be receiving your full benefit which relies on the bond interest paid to the Trust Fund.


    2. Nobody said they don’t want to hand out COLAs. That’s not a decision made by politicians, it’s automatically made based on a formula.


    3. DeeJ – It is not our money, the taxes we paid during our working years were used to pay benefits to people already of age to collect benefits. Current benefits are paid by taxing current workers. The trust fund and interest on the bonds held pay a small percentage of benefits, that current FICA taxes fall short of paying. We are lucky the government does not lower our SS payments in years we have zero or negative inflation. Boomers are one spoiled bunch, if you ask me. Most people get everything that was paid in FICA taxes back in just 8 years. Who is paying for years 9 thru 25?????


  2. Why dont they take the billions that twit Trump wants to spend on the “wall”..and reroute it to Social Security.? Those idiots in Washington have no idea what its like to live life paycheck to have to choose between food and medicines..with prices going up for necessities of life..its truly hard..maybe one of them should see what its like..This is my money they are thinking of taking i earned over the many years of working…we have morons for leaders.


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