Bracketology – Is this an opportunity for Roth conversions?

Sooner or later, one way or another income taxes are going up . . . and not just on the wealthy. Now may present a unique opportunity to convert your retirement savings to a Roth Account.

What could be better than tax free income in retirement?

Check out this article for tips on making a Roth conversion of your retirement Savings.

This year, however, Americans with substantial retirement accounts might also want to try another form of bracketology: studying the 2017 tax law—and asking whether it offers a unique opportunity to convert hefty amounts of traditional IRA money to a Roth IRA. For most middle-income Americans, the 2017 tax law lowered their marginal income tax rates by three or four percentage points. The rate cuts are great, though there are some offsetting lost tax benefits, such as the new limit on state and local tax deductions and the loss of personal exemptions.

Source: Bracketology – HumbleDollar

One comment

  1. There is a lot of complexity involved calculating whether a Roth conversion will work to your benefit.
    Will tax rates go up in 2025? Probably yes. Will the income limits on doing a conversion come back? Who knows? Will required minimum distributions be mandated for Roth IRA’s? There was talk about it a few years ago under Obama’s administration.
    I made the move in 2010. Had a huge tax bill that year but since then thanks to stock market returns I have more than covered the tax bill and am not bothered by RMDs. So, it is working for me but a change in tax policy could change all that.


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