Who deserves what?

Lower income Americans deserve support, middle income Americans deserve tax credits and free stuff, and older Americans deserve more income.

Who deserves to pay for it all?


  1. I do feel that we need programs such as SNAP, Lifeline, LI HEAPS for the lower income folks. Some of that money comes in from our utility bills, some is financed thru the government, state and fed. Many seniors go thru their savings with medical bills, some don’t have pensions, some lost them thru no fault of their own. Divorces severed some programs, spouses don’t have the money to have their own plans now. Food banks who had loads of donors who now are on the lines to receive. The losses from 2008 haven’t all come back. prices keep going up, what goes down today? income. food goes up, utilities go up, gas goes up. If you sell your home, where will you go for a cheaper one? Leave NJ. We need these programs to help those who need them. More and more citizens need them now. You have folks in their 70’s and 80’s working just to make ends meet today.


  2. I would love to know how the Fed or anybody else knows what everyone’s net worth is. They would first have to know what everyone’s total assets are and then subtract their total debt. Where would they find a reliable source of for this information? Can anybody tell me that? Anybody? Bueller?


    1. I don’t actually know, but I’m guessing they look at macro data on home ownership, investments, debt, irs data and run some kind of projections.


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