President proposes budget cuts “free;” in jeopardy

Who knows what the future holds? But one thing is certain, those who criticize anyone who attempts to manage health care costs will have that criticism come back to haunt them.


  1. .

    I’m glad to have lived my prime at the height of empire before inept politicians allowed the barbarians at the gate to conquer and destroy.



  2. Once I got over the shock of your picture, I was trying to figure out how I survived the civil war and how freedom’s side lost, then I realized it was still 2019.

    I started to wonder, in order to make cuts in M4A, will President AOC have to layoff government healthcare workers that she assigned to those jobs under the GND? Will she just have to pay them the same money to stay home? Or is she not going to pay the suppliers but the suppliers will still have to pay their workers? So many questions. I wish I could into the future but all that I can see is the past and the present of Venezuela.


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