Doctors don’t like health insurance. Will they like M4A even less?

Generally speaking physicians don’t like insurance and all the haggling and hassle that goes with it. Many claim wasted hours on the phone each week, thousands of staff dollars dealing with claims, etc. They see insurers as only profit motivated and thus focused on denying claims. [That’s not true for many reasons, including the fact most people are covered by self-insured plans].

However, based on my inquires, it is almost unanimous that physician offices prefer to deal with Medicare because there is very limited questioning of claims, prospectively, concurrently or retrospectively. Under Medicare rules even requesting a pre-determination is limited to certain procedures and costs “to keep administrative costs low.”

Let’s think about that.

Regardless of the motive, which system is more likely to have higher paid claim volume and higher rates of fraud?

Now, add substantially increased benefits, elimination of all cost sharing, free access to any health care providers and 260,000,000 more people to the system.

Such a system would have a hard time doing what today’s Medicare does while managing costs and budgets.

Administrative costs could not be sustained at Medicare levels – which are too low in any case.

M4A is not and cannot be Medicare as we know it.

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