10 charts that show why the NHS is in trouble – BBC News

Favor M4A? Consider the state and issues faced by the UK NHS. It’s not all a bed of roses. 

By all means let’s look seriously at our health care system and see what we can fix and how, but let’s not do so with pie in the sky promises or throw around the “free” word.

The expansion of benefits being suggested is outright irresponsible. The assumptions for lowering provider fees are unrealistic unless you are willing to suffer the consequences. The claim for negotiating Rx costs forgets what it takes to negotiate.

As it stands, it’s just silly.

Source: 10 charts that show why the NHS is in trouble – BBC News


  1. Free is not the word here. The tax rate will go up; Someone has to pay for it and it will be the tax payers. They say what we are paying now will cover it but with anything from the government; that is not so. the medical plans we have now would all be changed to one plan fits all. Employer plans that have been fought for would be thrown out. The government already has a Cadillac Tax on employer plans thinking they are not for the masses. that’s why companies are ditching their plans. 18% tax on every employee plan. So if they think they are Cadillac plans; what coverage do you think they would give us??????? All taxpayers will be funding the entire plan for welfare and for illegals.


  2. None of the problems or high cost / poor service with the NHS in the UK will ever be disclosed by the crazy people pushing M4A in the USA. Welcome to the USSA, United Socialist States of America.

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