Think about health care spending like this


  1. I don’t think those supporting m4a even know how Medicare works now. How many of us on Medicare have to supplement it with a advantage plan. Between basic Medicare and an advantage plan we pay about $240/month each for coverage. For a recent elective surgery, pre-approval was required. My after surgery physical therapy was limited to 8 visits & I paid $40 co-pay for each visit. And the whole process is administered by the advantage plan, not Medicare. Not complaining about my coverage, think it’s great. But it’s not free and it does not cover everything.


    1. I don’t think people who are still working understand Medicare. I know I didn’t. I retired at 55 and had the time to finally understand how Medicare works. I had no idea, not that I could do anything about Medicare when the time comes. I had no idea about Medicare co-payments or drug costs when I was working. I never understood about the Medicare open enrollment commercials on TV either. I was too busy trying to understand my open enrollment choices of my employers medical plans at the time to care. All I knew was when I turned 65, I got thrown off my employers plan and onto Medicare and that I would have medical insurance. No a clue of how good it was, but I have insurance.


    2. But they are talking about something very different, not Medicare as we know it. No co-pays, no deductibles no Medicare Advantage plans.


      1. I know and I also realize they don’t know what that means either. They make it sound like there will be no need for Medicare cards because you can walk in to any provider or hospital and just be treated for whatever you think you need.

        I wonder if there is anybody who has been treated by the VA is in favor of M4A. I can’t imagine that they would be.


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