Keep a perspective on M4A costs

If Medicare 4 All were to be implemented as currently proposed by Democrats, the cost would have to equal 16% or more of all US payroll.

That is based on current costs for employers who provide coverage, worker total costs and the addition of dental, vision and long-term care and the elimination of all cost sharing.

There is no way these added costs can be offset by paying Medicare level fees or less administration.

That’s my opinion. I think you should at least consider it.

One comment

  1. Just great, now the $15hr wage people will want $17.18 per hour to cover the additional tax. 1.45%(current employee payroll tax for medicare) + 14.55% (or about $2.18/hr on a wage of $15/hr).

    Forget the dollar meal and the five dollar meal. If there are places manage to stay open, it will be the $10 meal.


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