Is fixing inequality merely redistribution?

You hear it all the time; inequality, tax the rich, fair share. But how does taxing the rich reduce inequality? Here is a simple explanation from the UK.

“Governments can intervene to promote equity, and reduce inequality and poverty, through the tax and benefits system. This means employing a progressive tax and benefits system which takes proportionately more tax from those on higher levels of income, and redistributes welfare benefits to those on lower incomes.”

Is that what we mean? Create an economy where more citizens are dependent on the government taxing others?

I thought the goal was to give everyone opportunity, the tools to raise their status unencumbered by unfairness of any type while assisting those truly incapable of self-sufficiency.

How much more in wealth transfer will make a difference to average Americans and how? Where does the transfer end and where does lower income begin?

What now hampers the middle class family from economic gain? What stock billionaire has blocked individual advancement? Has the growth of my 401k many times over as a result of growing stock values hurt someone else?

I dont have the answers, but it seems to me that massive changes in the global economy, and the resulting equalizing of world-wide standards of living have more to do with slower economic progress for average people than the growth in Amazon share value.

I fail to see how the long term success of average people can be measured by how much they receive in wealth transfer benefits.

If you embrace socialism based on the enticing promises, you forget about the consequences, you forget the promises and resulting obligations must all be paid for and who will pay them and you may forget that you are giving control over much of your life to whomever is in power at the moment. It’s like moving to Florida on a warm sunny day in February and ignoring the hot, muggy days in summer and hurricane season.


  1. they have proven in many cases that with more money comes more waste. They invested in some schools and what happened. The Bd of Ed used the money for personal gains. Re distributing the wealth does not make the person smarter, friendlier, more efficient, work harder. it makes more welfare, why should I work? gimme gimme. the Parents place is to rear the children into respected adults that respect others and property of others. They are to teach them work ethnics. How to work for what they want, I have seen parents doing this as mine did with me. I have seen others that stamp their feet protest, yell and scream that they want this or that. then they get it. I’ve seen others that take it for granted that society OWES them a living. No I don’t owe anyone a living, I worked for mine. Get a job. the word NO has to be part of the vocabulary.


  2. Reading today’s blog, has made me realized how much energy I have spend in the last two years pointing out the dangers of socialism. I certainly did not serve my country to support a socialist government, to have my rights taken away. I suppose that with the 2016 presidential election, socialism has gain real traction. Politicians play the Haves against the Have Nots. They have changed the meaning of equality from equal opportunity to equal distribution of wealth. Social media’s, mainstream media, and politicians have been telling us that we are victims and that we are entitled. I have read it here on this blog were some claim that “I am entitled”. People have given up their rights and freedoms to the government and worse to companies and apps on their phones. There is no personal responsibility for oneself and when you take responsibility somebody wants to take it away from you. For the life of me, I can’t understand how people are so lazy that they want the government to do everything for them. Has the government ever done anything better? I thought that the American dream was to work hard to get rich. The land of opportunity not the land of a free ride. The reason it was a dream was because sometimes dreams don’t come true. Sometimes life events and your choices and personal vices will get in the way. In the last two years, Bernie and several movie stars were still pointing out how great Venezuela was. AOC was still claiming that Venezuela is a model society this past fall. Does anybody pay attention to world affairs anymore? Or is everybody just joining the Flat Earth Society? I guess it really doesn’t matter since AOC says that the world is going to end in 12 years due to climate change.

    Sorry for my rant. For my next rant, it will be how the large crowd of democratic presidential hopefuls are helping Trump to get re-elected with their costly, crazy entitlements and ideas.


    1. @Dwayne Gartner I hope you are right and the Ds keep pushing their socialism and President Trump is reelected. If all the registered R voters would just vote there is almost no way people like AOC will get elected to office. The problem with government payments to the working poor is so few qualify for the benefits, it does not really change the standard of living of the average family. Because the payments are so low, as soon as you make a few dollars more they cut your benefits, so how has that families standard of living improved, from the government welfare system. The only families that benefit greatly from the welfare system are the ones that have family members working at the local welfare offices. It has been proven that if you extend unemployment benefits by 26 weeks, most people wait another 26 weeks before they find a job. Working hard and making the right financial decisions has way more to do with standard of living than how much money the government gives you. Not wasting the money you do have on stuff that you do not really need is way more important. I see 10 year old children walking around with their own cell phones and we are to believe that families are poor and cannot pay for a $400 emergency, CRAZY. Even the so called poor in the USA live better than most of the world population.

      I have never made more than $25,550 per year, many years a lot less, raised 4 children from 1978 to 2009 without any welfare assistance. I never even thought to apply for welfare benefits. My children always wanted me to spend money on the latest video game or toy and I said NO. That is the problem with many parents today, they do not know how to say NO to their children. People need to hear the word NO, more today than ever before.


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