Who cares about deficits, debt and interest payments.

Do you feel like you live in the wealthiest country on the planet? A country with debt exceeding its annual GDP and paying over $3 trillion a year in interest.

In this climate not one politician so far seeking the Presidency has suggested raising taxes to lower the deficit and debt, but rather to pay for M4A, child care, free college, guaranteed federal jobs, and expanded SS.

One particularly dysfunctional politician already in office has increased the debt.

This is like promising your spouse and kids a world tour vacation while at the same time making minimum monthly payments on your $50,000 credit card balance. The eventual burden will fall on others.

Can the American people be so easily manipulated ? We will see over the next two years, but 😢😢


      1. Don’t bother. I fully understand exactly how the system works. And what in what I wrote would confuse you to think otherwise?


  1. Question..Name one president that had a lower national debt when they left office than when they took office ? Also…using the term “dysfunctional politician” shows your inability to write objective articles…ouch !!


    1. Interesting since I usually get accused of being too conservative. Actually, I think that’s quite objective and sadly accurate.


      1. Why do entertainers, journalists and commentators like yourself believe Americans care about their political views…?? Answer…they don’t !!


      2. There is opinion and then there are facts and open issues to be decided. I try to distinguish between them. Give me an example of where I mixed them up.


      3. Quote from you… “one particularly dysfunctional politician already in office”….please tell and show us whom you’re referring to and comparing them against to prove your “factual” points ??


      4. A high degree of opinion I admit. And, of course, that refers to Trump. But I suspect there are a number of people who would be happy to point out factual points. From my point of view I rely on his immature and vindictive tweeting and some easily substantiated misleading statements.


      5. Thank you for admitting your political bias in distorting the truth…it’s called fake news as clearly pointed out by our currently ELECTED president .


      6. You might benefit from scanning this blog and reading what I have written on many subjects and you will change your mind. Do that and tell me the bias.


  2. Subprime mortgages, student loans, and now subprime car loans should also answer that question. Besides, everything that the politicians are offering is free (except for the 1%).


  3. “Can the American people be so easily manipulated ?” I think your previous post on Veblen goods and advertising answers that question.


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