Paycheck to paycheck

The following is from a survey over a year old but still relevant.

Living paycheck to paycheck is not only or even primarily a factor of income, but of spending. We throw the term around loosely as we do many other terms these days leaving people their imagination, generally to create sympathy for a cause that goes unquestioned.

Still, despite financial woes, there are certain things employees aren’t willing to give up. When asked what they’d absolutely not give up, regardless of financial concerns, employees cited:

Internet connection

Mobile device (smart phone, tablet, etc.)

Driving: 48 percent

Pets: 37 percent

Cable: 21 percent

Going out to eat: 19 percent

Traveling: 17 percent

Education: 13 percent

Buying gifts for people: 13 percent

Alcohol: 11 percent

Source: Careerbuilder survey 2017

One comment

  1. When I was beginning my corporate career, one day a single mom of one came in lamenting she had no money until payday. I was a single mom of a disabled child and my paycheck was less than hers. But I felt sorry for her until shortly after the next payday when she came in with her hair and nails professionally done [that was one way she was wasting her money.] Later I found out she once had another child who was mentally disabled. But sadly, she had put him in a state institution when he was a toddler and shortly thereafter he died of pneumonia I bring that up because I credit caring for my disabled son for helping make me more responsible.


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