Is it that many politicians do not understand health care or do they intentionally mislead Americans?

Americans must question the rhetoric.

  • The health care system is not health insurance.
  • Health insurance and its premiums reflect the cost of health care received by patients
  • Insurance profits are a tiny portion of the total costs
  • CEO pay is even less significant. In fact, if they received no compensation, it would hardly be noticed in premiums.
  • CEOs are not paid those numbers in cash, two thirds of exec compensation is typically in stock.
  • If anything, an insurance company incentive is to lower health care spending, a fact they are criticized for as many people believe no 3rd party should come between them and their doctor.
  • Under a M4A scheme, the federal bureaucracy must come between patient and doctor, that’s how all such systems operate to manage costs
  • Much of the “unnecessary” administrative expense imposed on health plans, hospitals and doctors is the direct result of state and federal laws and their regulations.
  • Health care spending and hence health insurance premiums are the direct result of the care provided to Americans. The cost, intensity and frequency of that care drives our spending and the premiums we pay.
  • Unnecessary health care should be a bigger concern than exec pay
  • Unless every health facility in America is run by federal agencies, unless every doctor and other practitioner is an employee of the federal government, unless pharma companies are nationalized, profit will always be part of the health care system.

Americans must question the rhetoric.

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