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Read these true stories about the strange things people do when money is involved. Make sure you follow the link to all the stories.

AFTER NEARLY 50 years in the employee benefits profession, there are a few conversations that stand out—and they all relate to money. What people do, or don’t do, when it comes to money never ceases to amaze me. All the stories below are true.I received a call from a recently deceased employee’s wife, followed by a call from the same employee’s other wife, both named Mary. One was in New Jersey and the other in South Carolina, and both were claiming his group life insurance. Each family had three children. There followed a long quarrel over who gets what. “Mary” was the designated beneficiary; that was no help. I let the insurance company sort it out.

I’ll never forget another employee’s wife, who yelled at me that she was holding me responsible if her children died from Lyme disease, because our health plan didn’t cover vaccinations. “You don’t expect me to pay with my money, do you?”

Source: The Office – HumbleDollar

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  1. Unfortunately, your Lyme disease example is all too common.

    My favorite was an employee who signed up for single coverage for the most expensive health option – leaving her two teen sons and her husband uninsured. They had lost coverage when he was laid off months earlier and decided COBRA was too expensive.

    She enrolled herself in that option because she was taking two drugs where the generic copay for each was $10 a month.

    In a focus group, I said nothing but her coworkers were alarmed at the risk she was taking.

    Her response – almost a scream: Well, you don’t know how much it costs to keep two teens in Reeboks!


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