Isn’t true freedom independence, self determination, self sufficiency?


  1. As you pointed out, true freedom is independence, self determination, and self sufficiency. Freedom is free will, not free objects or material things. Freedom is NOT FREE healthcare, FREE drugs, FREE retirement, or FREE food.

    If the Internet information I found is true, then before 1875, when The American Express Company established the first private pension plan in the United States, then no American was free according to Bernie.

    I guess that before this time, people who worked everyday on their farms until they died, were not free either? I guess because they worked to put food on their farm table that they were not free? I guess they also had all those cancer drugs free before 1875? You know the cures like leeches. Would owing leeches make you free?

    One more thing, the freedoms that Americans enjoy are not free. It was bought with the lives of thousands of brave Americans and not all of them worn military uniforms.


  2. The man problem I see with all these government programs, is they are NOT paid for by taxes, they are paid for by DEBT. We are a slave to government debt and more debt will make us all poorer. Until we get government spending under control, nothing will change for the average citizen, no matter how much the government helps the so called poor. The food bank in our city has been running ads to get donations, what a scam, you can only go once every 90 days and when you complain about expired food that they give you, they say what are you complaining about it is free. They give you 4 bags of food and when you get home you have to throw half of it away, CRAZY! Nothing is free that the government does and plenty of it defies common sense. Just a bunch of feel good programs that waste money.


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