Politicians are our biggest problem. Rx costs what?

I have repeatedly said that the propaganda being pushed at us is dangerous. It’s beyond rhetoric, beyond merely educating about an issue and point of view. It’s misleading, it plays on ignorance and it creates scapegoats.

Here is a recent and particularly egregious example.

No they didn’t‼️ Here’s the truth. The drug was free during the experimental stage before it was approved. That’s because no health plan covers experimental treatments before FDA approval.

This drug is highly specialized treating a very rare disease that affects 2-3 people per million world wide.

The $375,000 price is retail which no patient will pay. And it’s certainly not what a patient with prescription coverage will pay.

I can’t comment on the $375,000, I don’t know if it’s appropriate or not, but developing a drug to be used by a handful of patients in the world is very expensive. You don’t make money on volume of sales.

The real question is, who should pay for developing such drugs?

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