About that emergency fund 😡

The government shutdown has gone on long enough even though it never should have happened. Politicians are making hay of “horror” stories and government workers are learning about the risks of not having savings even while they are forced to tap their vacation funds.

There should be no such thing as a vacation fund if you don’t have money in the bank to pay your bills for at least a month.

800,000 government are so imprudent they are in this fix? Really Bernie? I don’t think so, but if that’s true we better worry about who is running our government.

Some commentators are making a comparison to all middle class Americans who also have little or no savings. Sorry, it does not compute. They may have no savings, but the vast majority have no excuse.

Look around at how Americans spend their money. Cutting back in a few areas will allow most people to accumulate savings over time.

Not having any savings for people with a good job and benefits means they don’t know how to say, “I can’t afford that.”


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    Yesterday on FOX Business News channel, they were discussing the difference between the US economy and economies in other nations. One of them said the US economy is 70% consumer based. For me that spoke volumes why both the media and the government promote individual spending over individual saving. Americans spending like there is no tomorrow and going into debt to do so is driving the economy… which is also why they want to keep interest rates at historic lows [lower rates = more reckless borrowing and spending.]



  2. RD – I agree with you on this one, how can people with incomes well above the average Joe, be in such dire straights. I never made more than $25,550 per year during my work years. 1971 to 2006. I retired at age 50 and now have $36,516 per year in pension and social security income. I also, have access to credit lines that total $46,500, only to be used in an actual emergency, or paid in full each month, so zero interest is charged. I question how 800,000 federal employees have no access to credit to help them until the Congress gets their stuff together.

    The big problem I see with personal finance today, is parents and spouses have forgotten how to say NO. I said NO, all the time to my 4 children. What did I get for it, 4 adults that know the value of a dollar and only use credit for a home or car. My oldest son (40) and youngest daughter (28) do not even have a credit card.

    What the President has offered Congress is fair and would reopen the government, but the Democrats are looking at the 2020 Presidential election and will not give the President a win on any issue. We need term limits in Congress, Also, a single term for President. 6 or 8 years, no having to run for a second term would be of a great help to any President.


  3. I think Congress should go without their paychecks and see how they would survive. Especially Nancy Pelosi who is spending government money flying all over the place with military planes and charging it to the government!!

    Also on the furloughed employees and their pay checks. Who is drawing the interest on that money that is being held? Are they entitled to request that interest when they finally get paid? Seems like the government owes them something, especially those that are continuing to work without pay.


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