I hate at rich people.

Actually I don’t hate rich people, wealthy people or successful people. For the most part I admire them.

What you see above is the view of the American far left, a very sad, unfortunate view in my opinion designed to divide Americans and create class envy. And to create a population more and more dependent on government programs. Is that really the America we want?

There are greedy people, selfish people, envious people and people obsessed with their possessions and showing them off. But guess what, those people can be found at all income levels.

Warren Buffett has given away more than $46 billion since 2000. That works out to 71 percent of his $65.5 billion fortune. Others among America’s richest have also given away billions and millions. I think we have to ask ourselves if money given to charity and foundations is more productive and efficiently used than if the same money was added to the federal bureaucracy.

There are the super wealthy, the 1% and there are the well off Americans who also accumulate wealth over their lives through prudent saving, spending and life choices. Should we hate them too? Americans earning $100,000 a year are in the 85th percentile. Have these folks abused the system, not paid their taxes, taken money or opportunity from other Americans?

We must be wary of rhetoric that tells a simplistic story designed to divide us.

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