The best question to ask; how do you define that?

Politician are great at stirring the waters, making promises using just the right words to elicit sympathy or distrust or envy. And they are excellent at not defining those words thereby leaving the interpretation to the individual with the hope of creating high expectations. This is most effective when it comes to social, people issues. Here are a few examples.

“Affordable” as in health care

“Expand” as in Social Security benefits

“Wealthy” as in the people you want to pay more

“Fair share” as in somebody else doesn’t pay enough

“High quality” as in the health care provided

“Rigged system” as in you are not being treated fairly because somebody has more

“Market competition” as in it will fix health care issues

“Livable wage” as in raise the minimum

“Working Americans” as in? Not sure, only those who work with their hands?

“Pay a little bit more” as in higher taxes

“Medicare for All” as in is that what you really mean

Now here is the challenge. Show this list to ten other people and ask them to define each term and see if any agree. You have already formed your opinion based on your experiences and expectations and perhaps on your political views, but I bet they are unique.


  1. My question is which side of the political isle is most likely to utter these code words. I’d say they come from the Democrat vote buying dictionary.


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