Prescription drug prices

The cost of Rx drugs is complicated. You can blame government, the pharmaceutical industry and yes, consumers as well. There is no quick fix, at least one without adverse consequences.

Beware of the politician who says they have the easy answer; just fix prices or the latest from Sen Warren, limit the amount patients pay out of pocket. Of course the fact is tens of millions of working Americans and virtually everyone on Medicare has their Rx spending limited.

Not only does that not address the basic problems, it can make things worse. But that is consistent with the Warren approach.

It’s like student loan forgiveness. Instead of addressing why it costs what it does to get a degree; one often of limited value in earning a living and repaying loans, she wants more forgiveness.

While Warren takes the populist, naive road at least Sen Sanders has a logical approach worth talking about.

Hey, Senator, why don’t we just cap what colleges can charge or cap what students pay? Surely, there is money to take from someone to do that.

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